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Juniors: 5-18 year olds

Seniors: 14+ year olds

Which session is suitable for my child?


This session is suitable for experienced players looking to improve both their ne-waza and tachi-waza skills through drills and randori.

This session is ideal for players competing at Club, County, Area and National level!


Sorry, no beginners!

Visitors welcome!

Tuesday and Saturday

These sessions are ideal for a 5-8 year old (Tue) or 5-11 year old (Fri/Sat) who is looking to try judo for the first time.


All of these sessions are great for children who may not be naturally competitive but would like to learn a new skill, whilst having lots of fun!

Beginners & Visitors welcome!


If you have a 5-11 year old that is naturally competitive and eager to play sport, then this is the session for you!

This junior session introduces the fundamental skills of judo in order to develop young competitors! A number of players on this session represent both the Club and County and it is a great place to start if you are looking to do the same!

Beginners & Visitors welcome!


10 - 17?

Never tried judo before?

Want to have a go?


Thursday is the perfect session for a Secondary School beginner!

Thursday is also ideal for the experienced judo player that wants the opportunity to learn new techniques or practice and perfect the ones you already know!

Beginners & Visitors welcome!

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