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10-Week Beginner Courses


Medway Park Judo Club have secured funding from the British Judo Together Fund to run two 10-week beginner courses targeted at junior new starters aged 11 to 14 years. These courses are designed to provide an introduction to the sport, but with the intention that those successfully completing the course will then continue to participate beyond the end of the 10-week introduction. Those planning to take up judo long-term will be strongly prioritised for the 10-week beginner courses. Each course is limited to ten participants.


The first 10-week course will start in January 2023 (starting date to be confirmed). We will be recruiting for the first 10-week course during November and December 2022 on a first come, first served basis. Once the January 2023 course is fully subscribed, we will start a waiting list for the second 10-week course, due to start in March 2023.


The beginner course sessions will take place on Thursday evenings, from 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm. If you would be interested in applying for one of the funded places, then please email us on

What is included?

The 10-week cost includes the following, representing an approximate total saving of £100.

  • ten free Judo sessions

  • free one-year membership of Medway Park Judo Club (a membership form will need to be completed)

  • free Judo suit and belt (you will receive these after around the third session, depending on availability of Judo suits in your size)

  • free one-year membership of British Judo (this covers your for insurance purposes and will need to be applied for online, around the time of your fourth session)

  • free first grading at the conclusion of the course, subject to satisfactory progress

What can I expect?

The 10-week course will introduce you to the basic principles of Judo including balance, movement and falling safely. You will be taught the basic holding and throwing techiques. Regular Judo training helps to develop strength, fitness, stamina, coordination, flexibility and agility. A typical Judo session includes a warm-up, breakfalls (landing safely), ground techniques (such as turning someone over, holding them down and escaping from hold-downs) and throwing techniques, randori (free practice) and a fun activity such as a game to finish.

I'm interested! What next?

Email us to register your interest. If there is still space, we will add you to the list of participants, ask for a few details and give you some more information about when we expect the 10-week course to start. The course will only start when it is full, as it works best if everyone starts at the same time. You are free to ask any questions you might have.

Who coaches on the sessions?

All Medway Park Coaches are qualified and accredited by British Judo, with enhanced DBS checks and recent training in first aid and safeguarding and protecting children. The lead coach for the Thursday session is has over 20 years of experience working with competitors of national level, and coaches the Kent and Southern England squads, as well as supporting the England Development Squad.

Do you take players younger than 11 or older than 14?

The funding has been specifically awarded for the 11- to 14-year-old age bracket. Generally we will not be able to accept anyone younger or older, but you are free to enquire. We may consider a younger beginner that is particularly sporty. If you are aged anywhere from 5 to 18, you would still be welcome to come along to any of our regular sessions, but would not generally be eligible for the 10-week courses.

Terms and Conditions

  • Places on the 10-week beginner courses are generally limited to participants aged 11-14.

  • The maximum number of funded places available is TEN for each of the two 10-week courses.

  • The first 10-week course will start no earlier than January 2023, once the required number of participants has been reached. Participants will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the first course is over-subscribed, applicants will be added to a waiting list and will be contacted in the event of anyone not showing up or dropping out. Those on the waiting list will also be prioritised for the second 10-week course, which will start no earlier than March 2023.

  • Classes will take place on Thursdays from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Participants are limited to attending only this session each week for duration of the 10-week course.

  • Medway Park Judo Club will prioritise applicants seeking to participate in Judo on a long-term basis.

  • Participants will take out membership of Medway Park Judo Club on commencing the course, and will be required to complete a membership form. All personal data are held securely according to GDPR guidelines. Membership will be valid until 31st December 2023.

  • Participants will receive a 10-session pre-pay card, entitling them to attend up to 10 sessions free-of-charge in the 10-week beginner course period. If a participant misses one or more sessions in the 10-week period, no alternative or additional sessions will be offered. Continuing participants will start to pay the session fee (currently £2 for members) at the conclusion of the course.

  • Participants will borrow a Judo jacket and belt for the first three weeks of the course, until they decide to commit to completion of the full 10 weeks. At three weeks, participants will receive a Judo suit and belt in their size depending on stock availability. In the event that we do not have a suit of the appropriate size, one will be ordered (subject to availability from the supplier). Any participant that does not complete the 10-week course will be expected to return their suit.

  • Participants will be expected to take out membership of British Judo at week four of the course. Participants will be required to register with British Judo and make payment for a new one-year membership, and will be reimbursed by Medway Park Judo Club on proof of approval of membership. Participants will receive a free red belt on taking out British Judo membership.

  • Participants that complete the 10-week course will be entitled to one free grading to 1st mon. This is subject to the participant having made sufficient progress to grade and successful completion of the grading requirements.

  • Any participant that does not turn up for the start of the 10-week course without prior notice, or who misses more than two consecutive sessions, or who decides not to continue at any point during the course will forfeit their place on the course and will no longer be eligible for any of the course entitlements.

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